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The Pack

Nicole believes that traditional dog training while beneficial is often unable to give a dog the tools and experiences to become a balanced dog.

In cases where a dog has become reactive, aggressive, hyperactive, or fearful around other dogs, integrating them into a pack of balanced dogs can greatly improve the rehabilitation of dogs who have become unbalanced.  Many dog training schools working with such dogs focus on working around other dogs in a public setting and often at a distance where the dog never fully achieves relaxation or acceptance of other dogs. 

The Pack Way takes a hands on approach to give clients the full experience of having their dog socializing and interacting with other dogs but always in a safe manner.  As dogs are social pack animals there is much that they can learn from each other, which even the most qualified and experienced trainers cannot replicate.  Putting a dog into a pack of balanced dogs often triggers an evolutionary response in even the most unbalanced dogs.  Dogs often are much more confrontational when confronted by a single dog, but the presence of many dogs encourages the dog to want to blend in and join up.  This is an evolutionary response.  The number one cause of death in wild wolves is territorial disputes between neighboring packs.  When a lone wolf comes across a stable pack they rarely would ever challenge it and risk death, instead they would display submissive behaviours and plead for acceptance.  We can use this ancient canine code to our benefit in dog training.  The following is a description of the pack members who work hand in hand with Nicole during challenging and difficult cases.