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At The Pack Way dog training we believe in seeing the dog as a whole; while we provide high quality dog training programs we also recognize that an animal only becomes truly
balanced in mind, body, and spirit when we pay attention to the other factors that influence their being.  We believe strongly in seeking out other experts in the field who share the
same passion, expertise, and a high level of integrity in the care and service they provide to their clients.  Below is a list of resources to support you and your best freind in your journey
towards proper veterinary care, grooming, dietary needs, and much more.
PUPPY SOCIALIZATION - Dreamland Pet store Elora  6484 Wellington Road 7, Unit 3 & 4  contact Jess to make an appointment   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
I take my new puppies, and young dogs to Dreamland Pet store in Elora, they have a great dog social and Jess does a great job matching your 
puppy with other puppies of a similar temperment.  It is a cheap, and economical puppy social playdate.
NUTRITION  -   Giving the best food possible to increase lifespan, and prevent cancer.  Dogs fed species appropriate, nutritionally balanced diets are now being shown to live significantly longer lives then dogs feed primarily kibble diets.  
Rodney Habib - A wealth of information on dog nutrition, long lifespan in dogs, and cancer prevention.  Search on facebook for Planet paws, or Rodney Habib.
Worlds Oldest Dog Video (sign in to watch) - http://www.planetpaws.ca/
Adding your own fresh veggies and ingredients is best for dog's health and long lifespan, with fewer health issues.  But if you don't have the time these are great companies to get food from.
An easy to make homemade recipe from Rodney Habib that I am using 
http://www.bigcountryraw.ca/        -  Raw dog food company with many local suppliers in Guelph area.
http://www.ironwillrawdogfood.com/  -  Raw dog food company with many local suppliers in Guelph area
Recommended Recipes for nutrition.
*Tumeric Gold Paste recipe I am giving my Labrador for stiff joints.  Works great for keeping my 10 year old still jogging alongside me while I run.  
Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxident, Anti-Cancer
Dr. Karen Becker Please note in no way are we arguing not to spay or neuter your pet, this is not my aim.  I simply am presenting the complications that can arise
and the affects this can have when it is done in very young dogs.  Please understand there is a serious problem with pet over-population and I do not believe in irresponsible
GROOMERS (GUELPH)                     Brushcuts Professional Pet Grooming     65 Dawson Rd, Guelph, ON N1H 1B1    http://www.brushcutsprofessionalpetgrooming.com/      (519) 763-0105
              (KITCHENER)                          Fur-Ever Loved Pet Salon    Unit 11, 871 Victoria St N, Kitchener, ON N2B 3S4      www.fur-everloved.com/       (519) 208-7131