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Affordable raw dog food

Affordable Raw Dog Food

Dyce's Raw foods


 Triple Mix

60% Ground chicken (Bone in), 35% ground green beef tripe,

5% ground beef organ

$2.50 a lb.


Puppy Mix (6 weeks to 6 months)

45% Ground chicken (bone in), 40% ground green beef tripe, 15% ground beef organ.

Puppy mix is finely ground to ensure no choking hazard.


Beef Mix

80% Ground beef, 10% ground edible bone, 10% ground beef organ

$3.00 a lb.


Duck/Lamb Mix

50% ground duck (bone in), 50% ground lamb (bone in)

$4.25 a lb


Green Beef Tripe

Pure ground green beef tripe

$2.50 a pound


- All mixes are available in 1, 2, and 4 lb containers.

- All products are sourced from Government inspected facilities.  And are considered food grade.

-  Pure proteins are also available on request.  Pricing dependant on quantity.


*  Superior Quality                         *  All Natural raw diet                          *  Affordably priced