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Obedience and Socialization classes are regularly offered throughout the year, ranging from puppy to advanced level obedience.  Whether you are looking to start off a new puppy/dog, or re-train and freshen up a mature adult, The Pack Way provides all the necessary information and techniques to develop your dog into an obedient and balanced dog.  Our goal is to give you the kind of dog you always wanted, a dog you can take anywhere and do anything with.  We train dogs to be like well-behaved kids, that your company will appreciate, and your friend and relatives will welcome into their homes.

What sets The Pack Way obedience classes apart from other training schools is Nicole’s emphasis on training for both a balanced dog in addition to just the traditionally obedient dog.  We provide instruction on how to raise your dog into a respectful, social dog who is good with people, dogs, small animals, and respects the rules of your home and family.  Many traditional dog training schools put an emphasis on standard obedience, such as; sit, down, stay, come, and the training is geared mostly to training a dog to perform in the competition ring rather than real life. Such schools often fail to adequately give students the tools to take on the leadership position with their dogs, preventing future behaviour issues.

We focus on real-life dog training; teaching your dog to be respectful of all family members - including your children, not bolting through the door just because it is open, getting along with your other pets, walking nicely on a leash, coming when called, and much more.  We put an emphasis on how to properly walk a dog since this is one of the best ways to provide leadership to your dog, prevent future behaviour issues, and strengthen the animal/human bond.  Of course we also provide standard obedience training, such as; sit, down, stay, come, leave it, etc. but our training is not limited to this.