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Boot Camp

This service was developed for dogs whose issues and training needs are beyond the skill of a novice handler.  In some cases Nicole will actually recommend the dog be temporarily removed from the home for a period of a week or two to receive specialized daily training.  This service is not recommended for dogs with minor behaviour issues just needing basic training but may be recommended for dogs who are dog reactive or aggressive, human reactive or aggressive, possessive, territorial, obsessive, or fearful.  In assessing whether your dog would benefit from this program Nicole needs to determine if the dog’s issues occur independent of the client or if they are contingent on the client’s own behaviour.  

Many dogs who have become unbalanced benefit greatly from being immersed into a pack of stable dogs, this way they learn to be follower in addition to developing normal social behaviour with other dogs.  Even fearful dogs benefit from being immersed into a pack of dogs, in nature the pack is instrumental in developing social confidence.  Dogs staying at The Pack Way are boarded at a local training center (not residential home), receive two long pack walks a day with a balanced pack of dogs, and receive individualized training attention.  Daily excursions are part of this package and Nicole frequently takes dogs on daily trips to work on their issues in the environment they are likely to occur. Whether this be a public park, a pet store, outside the dog park, around a grocery store, etc. each dog receives the most specialized daily training from a dog behaviour expert. 

This intensive specialized training results in the rehabilitation process being much more effective and timely.  During boot camp higher energy dogs will receive rigorous strenuous exercise, so please notify Nicole if the dog has any medical conditions affecting his or her abilities.  Dogs are often challenged according to their breed related characteristics, so individualized exercise and activities plans are developed accordingly.  Nicole however, does not recommend the client be removed from the training process entirely.  Instead, she starts off with a behavioural consultation to determine if the dog is a candidate for boot camp, then the dog attends boot camp, post boot camp Nicole requires at least one follow-up lesson to instruct the client how to handle their newly rehabilitated dog.  In many cases, Nicole will rehabilitate  the dog the first 90%, and then require the client to finish the final 10%.