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Group Pack Walks

At The Pack Way we believe that dogs are by nature, social pack animals.  When we remove dogs from the wild and separate them from their own kind, they often become; anxious, insecure, aggressive, and fearful towards other dogs, as they often lack the social experiences to develop proper social skills.  We aim to bring back a bit of the wild into our dogs by letting them engage in a very natural behaviour, walking with other dogs and allowing them to remove their insecurities the natural way.

These walks are best suited for all kinds of dogs, particularly; dogs who are anxious, aggressive, reactive, or fearful when interacting with other dogs.  However, even if your dog is basically balanced and social with other dogs these walks can be an excellent confidence builder and give you a chance to work on your dog’s pulling, excitement, or greetings towards other dogs.  These one hour pack walks take place at Canatara Park in Sarnia, ON with Dog Behaviourist Nicole Simmie being present.  You and your dog will get an opportunity to work on any behaviour issues and receive a few pointers along the way.

Only those who have had previous training with Nicole may register for these walks, and all dogs must be vaccinated.  To register for a pack walk, please register on our main home page.