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Intermediate level course


This course was developed for dogs and their families who want to be ahead of the game.  An emphasis is placed on getting dogs to listen despite distractions, and you will learn how to use distractions to your advantage when training your dog.  The Trainer focuses on putting a variety of distractions into each class to set the stage for a realistic outdoor environment.  A few new commands are taught and further instruction is provided on keeping your dog balanced, with instruction on problem-solving.  Additionally, we provide safe and interactive social play at the end of each class.  All dogs must be vaccinated appropriate to their age level and non-aggressive towards human and other dogs.

You and your dog will learn:

  • Down and sit from a distance
  • Stop from a distance, drop down, and stay
  • Off leash heel up and bomb-proof recalls
  • Stay in the presence of running dogs/people, bicycles, ball rolling, etc.
  • Sit and down when new people and dogs approach
  • Walking nicely on both a short leash and loose lead
  • Exercising your dog

Problem solving

  • Problems socializing your dog
  • Dog won’t do anything without a treat bribe
  • Hyperactivity
  • Pulling on the leash, jumping, lunging, barking
  • Running away
  • Not respecting the leash
  • Poor behaviour in the home, with guests, in the neighbourhood