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Thanks to Nicole, I am finally enjoying my Bernese puppy Heidi. Nicole was able to tell me how to communicate with my dog and what she needed from me. She explained everything she did and ensured that I, and my family members, felt comfortable performing the corrections. I feel confident now that Nicole has given me the tools I need to help Heidi grow up to be a wonderful dog.
Selina and Heidi

“Just had Nicole at my house from the Pack Way... only one word to describe her work... amazing!!  I have 2 Siberian Huskies, ages 9 and 4 and I honestly never thought I would be able to get another dog near them, because of the way I’ve seen them react towards other dogs before.  Within the first 30 min, I had another dog in my backyard and it went great!  Nicole was right on top of everything and corrected my dogs immediately and explained everything on their behaviours and reactions.  I was so shocked at how well they all got along, I honestly thought it would never happen... I’m so impressed.  She taught me things that I can work on at home with them and I will definitely be working with them daily.

"Nicole, I can't tell you how thrilled our family is with Suki's growing confidence. It's been just a short time, but WOW we see the changes! I know we all have lots of work to do, but you've given us the tools & the support to help us, help Our sweet Suki :)"

“I took Nicole’s classes. She is an awesome Trainer and I would never trust anyone else with any of my dogs!