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Dog Show

Professional Dog Trainer and Animal Entertainer, Nicole Simmie recently created “The DOG EINSTEIN” show. As the owner of Wings over the Rainforest a performing parrot entertainment Nicole frequently travels around South Western Ontario offering an entertaining and education parrot trick show. After leaving these shows Nicole was often asked if she could come back and do a dog show. By popular demand Nicole created “The DOG EINSTEIN” show, a show which feature performing dogs, showcasing how intelligent dogs really are!

This show features dogs from The Pack Way who frequently work alongside Nicole rehabilitating reactive and aggressive dogs. They really enjoy the occupation switch and sure to be a hit entertaining your crowd! This show is fun and exciting and hosts a fun and interactive show that is geared to everyone, from kids to seniors.

This show runs approximately 45 min and the cost of the dog show is $100 plus tax so $113. To book a show please contact Nicole from The Pack Way dog training at (519)-339-0662, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.