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"Nicole, I can't tell you how thrilled our family is with Suki's growing confidence. It's been just a short time, but WOW we see the changes!"....Carla.

Happy Families, make Happy Dogs! 

“Just had Nicole at my house from the Pack Way... only one word to describe her work... amazing!"  Jenna .....Read More.

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 "I feel confident now that Nicole has given me the tools I need to help Heidi grow up to be a wonderful dog."  Selina....Read More.

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Dogs are loyal!  Love them, and help them survive by feeding them, and they will give you their heart.  Inspired by my love of dogs, their beautiful soul and loyalty, I feel it is only honorable that I extend this gift of loyalty to each and every dog that I have the pleasure of teaching.  I am currently offering a Lifetime Guarantee on my Group Classes, open and full access to all of my Puppy/Beginner level classes (this is a combo class).  One payment is all that is needed, period, ever!  I want each student to truly feel they have the dog of their dreams!  Our classes are motivational and fun for whole family.  Sign up is below. 
My reputation depends on my ability to give you the tools, techniques, and methods to solve your dog's behaviour issues.  This is no small feat.  I realized early on in my career this couldn't be accomplished without some pretty serious skill and knowledge.  So each year I sought out and took training courses with some of the best Dog Training legends and Behavourists in North America.  Skillls learned enabled me to rehabilitate cases other trainers often wouldn't touch, soon making me one of the most sought after Behaviourists in Ontario.  My high skill comes from years of successfully crafting training techniques that have worked successfully for rehabilitating; reactivity, aggression, anxiety, destructive behaviour, hyperactivity, and much more.  Personally owning and living with a large pack of dogs; several being power breeds, intact animals, stubborn primitive breeds, and challenging personalities has given me excellent insight and understanding in how to keep a dog balanced.  No matter the breed. 
In keeping with loyalty, I always vowed I would see each dog I work with as my teacher, and always try to understand what they had to teach me.  I promised to myself I would never mislead someone, I would never take their business unless I knew I could help.  My commitment is to continue to evolve and study dog behaviour each and every day, to stay sharp, to not let my students down,and with integrity to give your family and your dog the best relationship possible.  On going, I will continue to stay fresh by taking workshops and training courses with some of the best Dog Whisperers in the world.  In concluding I will add; not only are we great with dogs, we are just as great with people.


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