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Workshops / Seminars

Throughout the year Nicole holds several workshops, geared at helping everyday people better understand dog behaviour and change their dog's negative behaviours into positive ones.  During these workshops you will learn the differences between dog psychology and human psychology, how to read dog behaviour and body language, how to keep your dog both balanced and obedient, and much more.  Some of these workshops we recommend you bring a dog and other workshops we ask that you leave your dog at home.  Below you will see a list of upcoming workshops.  If you are interested in registering for a workshop please click the link for the following workshop and register online.  

The Balanced Dog    Date TBD    Location TBD

 Come and learn the causes of the domestic dog's behaviour epidemic and why your particular dog has become disrespectful, disobedient, or unbalanced.  This two day workshop is guaranteed to change the way you view your dog, helping you better understand how to address your dog’s behaviour issues and extinguish them forever.  Your dog will be required to be crated for parts of the day, so please bring a crate. 

Day 1 focuses on the technical stuff and instruction is provided on the following topics:

-  Understanding natural canine behaviour
-  The epidemic of unbalanced dogs
-  Dog psychology vs. Human psychology
-  Why learning body language is so important
-  Learning to address and correct poor behaviours
-  Helping your dog to make the right chooses

Day 2 is hands on and interactive, a lot more can be learned by doing then by hearing

-  Includes a morning pack walk, how to properly walk and challenge your dog through the walk
-  Dog behaviour issues, what are they?  how do we change them?
-  Analysis of dog behaviour issues on a case by case basis