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Socialization Classes


Uncomfortable going to the dog park due to a bad experience?  or not sure of the dogs and handlers in the park?  why not try socializing your dog through The Pack Way’s advanced socialization classes.  If you are not sure of how your dog will interact around other dogs bring them to our socialization classes for an assessment and an opportunity to learn more about dog behaviour.  Many dogs actually develop behaviour issues after visits to the local dog park and doggie daycares that don’t properly regulate the interaction between other dogs, at The Pack Way we provide safe and interactive social play under the guidance of a dog behaviour expert. 

After training alongside Cheri Lucas in the Lucas Agnew workshop and participating in Chad Mackin’s advanced socialization Pack to Basics workshop Nicole is well versed in canine social behaviour.  She is quick to address any behaviours that could escalate and knows when to remove a dog that could become problematic.  However, in most cases dogs with known socialization issues benefit most from these classes as under the right circumstances and with the right guidance they learn to make the right decisions and interact properly with other dogs. 

To make sure we encourage the right behaviours, the first 25 min of the class involve a pack walk where we can ensure everyone enters the socialization arena in the same frame of mind.  The last 30 minutes involves social play and interaction with other dogs.